Providing a 3-Dimensional experience in the distribution of

gifts, mapping and encapsulation.

Outstanding Map Distributors (OMD) have been in the business of map distribution for over 20 years.  They more recently have branched out into the gift market supplying 3D products to existing as well as a whole new raft of customers. As one of Ordnance Survey's largest distributors, OMD are able to supply all titles, including the Irish maps, at short notice.  Through their encapsulation arm they can also waterproof the maps with a very quick turnaround. Outstanding MD have always had a close relationship with Global Mapping and act as their UK distributor.  Their maps are amongst the most interesting and ground breaking currently available.  If you thought mapping was uninteresting you should take a look at their 'Dynamic World', winner of prizes and highly educational. We are the UK distributor for mbmSystems GmbH who now offer over 1000 of the highest quality 3D lenticular products available today, truly Authentic 3D designed and made in Germany on the latest Heidelberg lenticular presses. Continuing the German theme, we are proud to represent two brilliant map publishers.  Krüger & Schönhoff, whose Illustrated Children’s World map must surely be the most visually arresting map of its kind, and Kalimedia who have stirred up a wasp’s nest with their totally original ‘Atlas of True Names’. Breaking away from the product distribution theme, OMD have been in the business of encapsulation (lamination to some) since the off.  Specialising in wide format encapsulation up to a width of 1.4 metres and fulfilling a much needed service in this rather niche market.  Through our mapping side we have carried out the waterproof encapsulation of folded maps for such customers as Ordnance Survey.  No job is too large or too small and we are happy to accommodate our customers' requests.
Map Distribution
3D Gifts
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